The design of this necklace was inspired by Alexandre Dumas' "The Black Tulip" novel, a beautiful love story between Cornelius and Rosa shows that love and tulips can grow together even within stone walls. The amber between the black lace elements are like hope, rays of sunshine and love that will grow one day into a rare treasure that everyone desires - a black tulip.


- vintage natural amber beads and cotton yarn using frivolité technique.



Brooch "Corals Bleaching"

Finalist of the jewellery challenge competition at CODA Museum, Apeldoorn!

Art brooch "Corals Bleaching"

The challenge for this competition was to make jewellery from items that you can find in your home.

The first thing I did was to open the kitchen cabinet. I saw a packaging net from garlic and onion, somehow it reminded me a lot about the discarded fishing nets in the ocean. Then I saw rice noodles staring at me...and then it just clicked...the image of bleached corals in many places around the world.

I wanted to create a contrast between the look of healthy coral (the red and purple net) and the whiteness of rice noodles.

I also added alements of my handmade lace by using rests of yarn and rests of packaging paper, carefully placing the rice noodles in-between the layers of lace.

Both the packaging paper and the rice noodles are fragile and chosen for this brooch on purpose, as they represent how fragile our oceans and ecosystem in general are.

Materials used:

- empty seashell

- packaging net from garlic and onion

- rice noodles

- packaging paper

- rests of yarn